Tilt axis solar trackers, shift from east to west with a fixed inclination of 15° south.

AvantTracker 15 datasheet

Maximum profitability

  • Up to 25% more energy than a fixed system
  • Only a 30% higher plot occupation compared to a fixed system
  • Only 10% less energy versus a double-axis system
  • Low extra charges compared to fixed structures, well below the double-axis
  • Exclusive Backtracking System to avoid partial shadows

Simplicity and High Efficiency

  • Anchoring system to the ground by steel screws, free of concrete
  • Wiring through the structure, minimizing the civil works
  • Fast installation and minimal maintenance
  • Large area of panels with a single drive
  • Outstanding wind resistance structure

Own design and manufacture

  • Solar tracker registered by Avantsolar. Patent Number: 1068574 Y
  • Manufacturing flexibility to adjust the tracker to the project requirements
  • Wireless monitoring system developed exclusively for our machines

Engineering and assembly

  • Personalized advice from our engineering to optimize your project
  • We provide assembled and running trackers
  • After sales service for comprehensive maintenance of the tracker
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